HuaWei get in USA High end market of cellphone, cooperate with AT&T first

some news said HuaWei announce on CES next month, HuaWei Mate 10 will show in USA market. it is different with HuaWei Mate 9 that sale on Amzon. this time HuaWei Mate 10 can use AT&T.

USA AT&T plan sale HuaWei Mate 10 in 2018, and said will sale in the first quarter, it is reported that USA AT&T control 80% smartphone market, HuaWei cooperate with American telecom operator, it indicate that HuaWei cellphone real get in USA market.

We already heard that from The Information March, HuaWei have already meet with AT&T, some one have said it it meeting about the cooperation content for the sale of AT & T HUAWEI Mate 10 contract machine, but the two sides did not comment. However, recently, AT & T informed sources said AT & T has decided to cooperate with Huawei to sell HUAWEI Mate 10 contract machine, and AT & T and Huawei agreed sales period, other US carriers can not sell HUAWEI Mate 10 mobile phone

It seen that Huawei Honor V10 on sale now, the frame is very very narrow!

Honor reported that they will release bezel-less Honor V10 on 28th of this month, here we get a picture from internet, it make Honor V10. it is AI artificial intelligence cellphone.


Yesterday, social networks bloggers exposed a suspected V10 image, from the image we can see, this cellphone is very beautiful, We have not get the Honor V10, so we can not tell this picture is true or not. Finally, today there are microblogging bloggers broke the news of a suspected V10 real machine, this time more convincing, real machine borders even narrower than the renderings, comparable to Huawei Mate 10. Also worth mentioning is that the application of the aircraft looks like a normal icon, become some quasi-materialized, young and fashionable.

The Most Popular Multi Function PopSockets Phone holder, Customize Popsockets

Popsockets is a Phone holder to grip and stand your phone. Customize popsockets is a real good gift for girl.  DIY the Popsockets for you girl. make your girl picture one the Popsocket’s button. your girl will be happy.

Popsockets can Foldable, pull. bending, suit for and phone and tablet.


What can Popsockets do?

  1. Now many phone more and more popular plus model. many person like plus phone. such as iphone 7 plus, iphone 6 plus. the plus phone size is extra big. you hand is not big enough. Self-timer, calling, is not convenience. your hand will be easy feel tired, and easy slide down.
  2. Watching video you phone can not stand. if you often hold it with hand you must feel tired soon.
  3. using Ipad. even easy feel tired. because IPad is bigger than phone.
  4. Headphone line easy messy together.

These 4 question, Popsockets can easy help you handle them.

PopSocket’s design is very good. when you use it, pull it out. when you don’t need it, just push it in. you don’t need to remove it out your phone.


adidas Alpha BOUNCE “CNY” 2017

adidas Alpha BOUNCE "CNY" 2017

except NMD and Yeezy Boost of Adidas, there is still one pair shoes are so popular, it is AlphaBOUNCE.

Seamless shoe material and BOUNCE of FORGEDMESH. we even can call it “little Yeezy Boost”

For 2017, Adidas release CNY, black color.

Chinese traditional culture and the impact of the modern street trend, all let the human heart. At present, the shoes have been in the major stores designated shelves, interested friends do not miss!

adidas Alpha BOUNCE "CNY" 2017


Nike Air Force 1 Low “Dark Mushroom” is dropping

As we know next year is Air Force 35 anniversary. and recently Air Force 1 release more and more new shoes.

This pair  Nike Air Force 1 Low “Dark Mushroom” color is dark brown. shoes in side is black color. the shoes outsole is black color too.  there is 82 number on the heel counter.

Nike Air Force 1 Low “Dark Mushroom”  detail price is 90USD

Nike Air Force 1 Low "Dark Mushroom" is dropping Nike Air Force 1 Low "Dark Mushroom" is dropping

What delay release date? Black/White color Yeezy 350 V2 not sure the release date yet!

November sneaker market is very hot. Jordan Brand released Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe”, and this shoes is popular. get many fans. so adidas Originals need to think about is it the good time to release adidas at the same time?

adidas Originals was planing release on 5th October. Now miss the date. and next release date is 5th November. Let see and wait. will Yeezy 350 V2 black/white colorway release on time?
We know from this stock list in a Adidas shoes store. The item BY1604, the status is POSTPONED. the adidas official have not sure the release date.

What delay release date? Black/White color Yeezy 350 V2 not sure the release date yet!

Now there are many Black/White color Yeezy 350 V2 picture share on the internet:

What delay release date? Black/White color Yeezy 350 V2 not sure the release date yet! 3-161029115g5

Air Jordan 4 Premium Wheat pictures show

The weather is coming cold. Jordan brand will release the Air Jordan 4 Premium “Wheat” . there one more style of Air Jordan 4 Premium series.

This shoes color is like Wheat’s color, so we call it Air Jordan 4 Premium Wheat. using the best wheat color leather. and Health and plastic for shoes outsole.  To show the unrestrained visual experience, the same leather to create the shoelace and shoe tag are highlighted in the series has always been uncompromising attention to detail. it totally casual shoes.

it release on 29th October. Price is RMB:2999. Now let us check out the shoes closely.

Air Jordan 4 Premium “Wheat” 6-161022112951 6-161022112959 6-161022113002 6-161022113004 6-161022113007 6-161022113017 6-161022113022 6-161022113027 6-161022113029 6-161022113034 6-161022113037 6-161022113041 6-161022113043