adidas NMD City Sock 2 is coming in 2017

NMD R2 is low top shoes. Chukka release City Sock mid top shoes. the second version is coming.

this adidas Originals NMD City Sock 2 will be on sale in 2017. In the end Boost also simplifies the stability of the block, using the Boost material on the engraved way to render the classic element modeling.

Primeknit tech Weaving Texture, there are many white sort strips on the shoes upper. shoes body is navy color.

it is a pair of casual and relaxed tide shoes, quite fashion style, presumably wearing feel must be extraordinary!

adidas NMD City Sock 2 is coming in 2017 adidas NMD City Sock 2 is coming in 2017

adidas NMD R1 Primeknit Tri-Color is coming soon

NMD  give Adidas a big year 2016. in 2017 new year it is importance for NMD sneakerhead.

adidas NMD R1 Primeknit “Tri-Color” is using Primeknit technology mesh the upper. upper is white and black strips. and the 3 strips red, white, blue is beautiful.

adidas NMD R1 “Tri-Color” is coming on 26th, Dec.  price is $170, don’t miss.

adidas NMD R1 Primeknit Tri-Color is coming soon

adidas NMD XR1 “Linen” detail pictures

Recently, adidas NMD XR1 is a big year. A variety of fine color release, so that everyone on this high-quality running shoes full of expectations.

This adidas NMD XR1 “Linen” uses a linen color for Primeknit fabric vamp main colors, and in which the integration of light brown texture, bring a unique visual experience. Silver heels to raise the details and uppers formed a refreshing contrast effect. Iconic Boost in the end is still eye-catching, for this shoe has brought excellent cushioning performance and comfort, whether it is daily commute or go out sports, it will be your good shoes.

adidas NMD XR1 "Linen" detail pictures 8-161206114358

How to buy AAAA Quality Replica NMD, Compare with Original NMD

If you now ask what shoes are the most popular shoes on the market. I guess most of people will answer adidas Originals NMD. this is a shoes that mix many retro element Innovation and Technology casual style shoes. when first adidas Originals NMD shoes release no one will know it will become so popular. and there are many star wearing it. So adidas Originals NMD become most popular sneaker in short time. We can said NMD as popular as Yeezy Boost. and the price is more and more expensive. the price raise to RMB5000 after it release. then we know the more popular you are the more replica, copy, fake shoes come out on the market. If you don’t have good eyes, it is easy buy a replica NMD. You need to open your big eyes to see it true or false. Let me tell you you how know it ture or false.

To be honest it is hard to tell which one is replica which one is original from the meterial after I got a replica shoes and a original NMD. Primeknit is the point to know them. Original NMD Texture and Smoothness is better.

How to buy AAAA Quality Replica NMD, Compare with Original NMD
original NMD adidas Logo bonded is very nice. the edge of the adidas logo is very clearly. Replica is not clearly.


original NMD lace hole cutting edge is clearly, Replica NMD is not clearly and slightly rough.


original NMD collar weaving process is thicker, Replica NMD is thin.


Shoes tab on the counter, original print is clearly, Replica is Structured.


About the blue block on the front of the shoes. original is longer. and the print logo is more clearly.


and the red block behind the shoes is the same.


the TPU on the counter, original shoes are harder. the edge is clearly. and the adidas logo is also clearly.


Boost cushioning may be one of the best way to distinguish between true and false NMD, it is the hard to imitate on boost cushioning. Real shoes Boost is a grain of rubber particles through the hot press together into a whole block cushioning material, So there is a gap between the particles, fake NMD is obviously a piece of rubber pressed out of the grain lines. True NDM shoes Boost material has a horizontal pattern of each star, and you can see the Boost mold to stay small bits, fake NMD are not. Finally, Boost really soft and have good resilience, the opposite replica is more harder.


Original shoes size chat is the point to know the shoes. original font layout is neat. Replica is more vague


Personality of the shoes White Mountaineering x NMD City Sock already on sale now

Ourdoor brand White Mountaineering and adidas Originals have bee cooperated for long time.

and recently this 2 company release one pair popular sneaker,  White Mountaineering x NMD City Sock

The shoes is base one NMD City Sock design.  strip print on 3 line with 2 company title.  the shoes main color is black, and there is little white color on sole.  white triangle adidas logo behind the shoes.

the White Mountaineering x NMD City Sock already on sale in some country. Everyone can buy it after 16th Oct.

6-1610131i611 6-1610131i618 6-1610131i635 Personality of the shoes White Mountaineering x NMD City Sock already on sale now