in the middle of May last year, HTC release a flagship in TaiWai, it is HTC U11, the most attract is the powerful camera, at that time U11 get the number one in DxOMark which is profession camera Evaluation agencies. half year was gone. HTC U11 still line top, but the number one is Google Pixe2 cellphone. will HTC do something to get back the number one? Recently U series next flagship HTC U12 image leaked. this U12 may will come out soon.1512438
it is reported that HTC may launch 2 variants handsets, U12 is one of them. and one site is said any one who buy one U12, they will offer one free popsocket. From the image(above image), U12 is more beautiful than U11. we can not said U11 is not beautiful, all screen is popular now, so U12 is more popular than U11. U12 is only 6mm. there still one home button. thin frame.