some news said HuaWei announce on CES next month, HuaWei Mate 10 will show in USA market. it is different with HuaWei Mate 9 that sale on Amzon. this time HuaWei Mate 10 can use AT&T.

USA AT&T plan sale HuaWei Mate 10 in 2018, and said will sale in the first quarter, it is reported that USA AT&T control 80% smartphone market, HuaWei cooperate with American telecom operator, it indicate that HuaWei cellphone real get in USA market.

We already heard that from The Information March, HuaWei have already meet with AT&T, some one have said it it meeting about the cooperation content for the sale of AT & T HUAWEI Mate 10 contract machine, but the two sides did not comment. However, recently, AT & T informed sources said AT & T has decided to cooperate with Huawei to sell HUAWEI Mate 10 contract machine, and AT & T and Huawei agreed sales period, other US carriers can not sell HUAWEI Mate 10 mobile phone