It is said that the next version of MEIZU flagship cellphone will be called “MEIZU 15 plus”, after the news, there are many article come out on internet. As a important cellphone for 15 anniversary, MEIZU company have done a lot on the outlook design of MEIZU 15 plus. here is the picture, let us have a look, the screen is very big, it is real bezel-less cellphone.


From this lastest picture we can see that it is bezel-less, and the fingerprint button in side the screen. In addition, MEIZU 15 plus is white color body with double camera in back panel. the whole cellphone look nice, we guess it is feeling good when you hold the cellphone.

we still don’t know the feature of MEIZU 15 plus, but we must trust that MEIZU 15 plus symbolize the 15 years history of MEIZU, this smartphone satisfied all MEIZU’s fans. let us keep waiting, the cellphone may lanuch in 2018.