Screen ratio is not a new concept, has not been widely mentioned before for some time, but with the popularity of full screen mobile phones, the importance of screen proportion once again highlighted. However, the concept of full screen has not been clearly defined, there are also rhetoric among manufacturers. A few days ago, Hammer Technology CEO Luo Yonghao disclosed his mind on the screen accounted for the proportion of definition, under its standard, iPhone X screen than Nut Pro 2.

Things are so drop, last week, “the birth of two dark horse,” Jingdong hammer special live, the old Luo expressed his “respect” to Samsung, bluntly screen from the perspective of Samsung is always the most cattle, so to say there An important reason is the screen share.


According to hammer science and technology public screen ratio calculation method, screen ratio = area of ​​the screen visible area (excluding black) ÷ fuselage contour projection area (excluding the button). Converted down, Samsung S8 screen up to 84.06% share, becoming the highest proportion of the screen screen full screen mobile phone, the Nubian Z17S and OPPO R11s into the top three. The Hammer Technology latest nut Pro 2, the pressure on the iPhone X, millet MIX 2 and vivo X20 and a series of popular full screen mobile phone won the fourth place.