adidas Harden Vol.1 black shoes body by way of a golden speckling

adidas Harden Vol.1 black shoes body by way of a golden speckling
adidas Harden Vol.1 black shoes body by way of a golden speckling

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You may keep eyes on the yeezy boost 350 shoes behind, please keep eyes on the adidas Harden Vol.1 black shoes. today we won’t talk about yeezy boost, we going to talk about this black color adidas Harden Vol.1.

we can also call it adidas Harden Vol.1 “Imma Be a Star”

Now this sheos already drop on adidas store shelves. retailer’s price is RMB:1399, we will keep stay tuned on it.

Kanye west on foot adidas Originals “Calabasas” the new colorway shoes

Kim Kardashian show Calabasas series of adidas Children’s clothing on social media. Kanye west also wearing the series clothing on “Harper’s Bazaar” party in September. and wearing adidas Originals Powerphase white color with Calabasas spot hit.

And just recently Kanye West on foot adidas Originals Powerphase retro style black shoes which print “Calabasas”. it may these series shoes.

Kanye West and adidas Originals have not report any news about these shoes. if you insterst in it. please stay tuned. and we’ll keep you in the loop.

7-16111q11451 Kanye west on foot adidas Originals "Calabasas" the new colorway shoes

awesome Space Jam series shoes picture

We already talk about Space Jam before. now we show you some poster about Jordan Brand.

these poster not only show you Air Jordan 9 OG “Space Jam”、Air Jordan XXX1 “Space Jam” 、Air Jordan 1 Retro Ultra High “Space Jam”、Air Jordan 1 Retro High “Space Jam”、Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam”, but also some clothes, and Now all these products are already store shelves on official website.

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Packer Shoes x adidas Consortium NMD Runner PK is droping

The famous Packer Shoes store has been in good partnership all along with adidas, Recently Packer Shoes x adidas Consortium NMD Runner PK the newest shoes Retro style is coming out.

Shoes use Primeknit tech, shoes include Red, Green, Blue 3 colors. In particular, to create the tongue to mention the ring to the clover logo and Packer words show people, highlighting the joint of the extraordinary identity.

Packer Shoes x adidas Consortium NMD Runner PK is droping

Air Jordan 10 early Design drawings

Last weekend ComplexCon was held in California, there are many collector arrived at here, and share their lovely shoes.

we can see many about Micheal Jordan clothing and shoes. and Design drawings  is also there.

Air Jordan 10 early Design drawings 6-16110q21509

From the picture, Air Jordan 10 on behalf of the first draft intended to use followed by exposed air cushion design, shoe body grid texture and subsequent commercial version of the very different. The Air Jordan 11 has been improved many, very close to the appearance of the late public offering.


How to buy AAAA Quality Replica NMD, Compare with Original NMD

If you now ask what shoes are the most popular shoes on the market. I guess most of people will answer adidas Originals NMD. this is a shoes that mix many retro element Innovation and Technology casual style shoes. when first adidas Originals NMD shoes release no one will know it will become so popular. and there are many star wearing it. So adidas Originals NMD become most popular sneaker in short time. We can said NMD as popular as Yeezy Boost. and the price is more and more expensive. the price raise to RMB5000 after it release. then we know the more popular you are the more replica, copy, fake shoes come out on the market. If you don’t have good eyes, it is easy buy a replica NMD. You need to open your big eyes to see it true or false. Let me tell you you how know it ture or false.

To be honest it is hard to tell which one is replica which one is original from the meterial after I got a replica shoes and a original NMD. Primeknit is the point to know them. Original NMD Texture and Smoothness is better.

How to buy AAAA Quality Replica NMD, Compare with Original NMD
original NMD adidas Logo bonded is very nice. the edge of the adidas logo is very clearly. Replica is not clearly.


original NMD lace hole cutting edge is clearly, Replica NMD is not clearly and slightly rough.


original NMD collar weaving process is thicker, Replica NMD is thin.


Shoes tab on the counter, original print is clearly, Replica is Structured.


About the blue block on the front of the shoes. original is longer. and the print logo is more clearly.


and the red block behind the shoes is the same.


the TPU on the counter, original shoes are harder. the edge is clearly. and the adidas logo is also clearly.


Boost cushioning may be one of the best way to distinguish between true and false NMD, it is the hard to imitate on boost cushioning. Real shoes Boost is a grain of rubber particles through the hot press together into a whole block cushioning material, So there is a gap between the particles, fake NMD is obviously a piece of rubber pressed out of the grain lines. True NDM shoes Boost material has a horizontal pattern of each star, and you can see the Boost mold to stay small bits, fake NMD are not. Finally, Boost really soft and have good resilience, the opposite replica is more harder.


Original shoes size chat is the point to know the shoes. original font layout is neat. Replica is more vague