So Nike and Kanye West split, the red Yeezy 2s are all but buried and Ye’s new adidas collection promises to be more widely accessible. You’re looking to spend a significant amount to achieve a fashion forward appeal but can’t pull off the full-face mask look; what do you do? Look to Mr. West’s new footwear sponsor, who among a varied catalog of collaborations have called upon the talents of fashion designer Rick Owens for this new quartet of luxury lifestyle sneakers for space age ninjas. The adidas Rick Owens Runner as it’s being called will set you back close to a stack for a single pair after taxes and shipping, but the materials are truly top shelf and you’ll be among a select few to take both your sneaker budget and fashion risk quotient to the next level when you cop yours at Wish.

The Roshe Run is a sneaker that’s grown increasingly complicated with respect to the color blocking applied ever since it made its debut in those straight forward red and black pairs. This Nike Roshe Run Premium for example revisits the asymmetric coloring of the “Split Pack” and even brings a little bit of that panel coloring down onto the sole piece. Look close and you’ll notice why these wear the Premium moniker-the materials used are far from the standard mesh that first made the sneaker a classic. See more with us after the break and then purchase your pair today from Oneness.

The Nike Air Tech Challenge II is a sneaker that will no doubt result in plenty a face-palm when they end up at retailers. We’re speaking specifically of the sole kit here, one that was borrowed for the Nike Air Yeezy 2, and one that we feel like plenty of youngins will mistakenly identify as a Yeezy original. Anyways, you can help them out with the knowledge after you lock down your pair. Continue reading for full images on the soon-to-be released Air Tech Challenge II in question and watch for them to hit at spots like Sole Fly when the time is right.


スニーカーコンNYCは(あなたがまだイベント要約をキャッチしていない場合、ここでそれをチェックアウト)別の主要な成功を​​収めましたが、私たちはy’allのを待っているものを知っている – 「足」!誰もがブラックとプラチナエアYeezy 2のように、Grailsは、新しいピックアップし、いくつかの興味深いミックス・アンド・マッチで経由して来た、パラノーマンブライス・ホローの謎Foamposites、レブロンX ID、およびその他の印象的なオン・足の選択たくさんのが、最高のその日のすべてあなた次第です。私たちはそのようにジャンプの後にスニーカーコンNYC 2012年11月足の要約をチェックアウトして、イベントの最高の「足」のためのあなたのノミネートを行い、土曜日に着用していましたすべての熱の完全な要約を持っています。

昨年半ほどかけて、Sneakerpediansのグローバルコミュニティは戻って、ユーザーが拾い読みし、1と共有するために数十年を遡るキックの膨大なライブラリーを作成し、Sneakerpediaデータベース上にスニーカーの彼らの個人的なコレクションをアップロードしてきました別の。これは、長年にわたってからの機能の靴の何千ものうちリスト」の最高の ‘を選択するのは難しいので、スニーカーニュースのスタッフが四半世紀を時計を元に戻すと、各年の1傑出したスニーカー宝石を選ぶことにしました。それぞれの靴が印象的な新しい技術革新であることのために記憶された、病気は、共同リリース、またはアンダー感謝寝台を持っている必要がありますので、以下Sneakerpedia宝石の25年のこの混合バッグをチェックアウトし、私たちはあなたの好みであるこれらのどの知らせます。あなたは誰もまだ見ていないいくつかの宝石を持っていると思いますか?今Sneakerpediaに参加して、あなた自身のクレートを構築!

1988 – ナイキエアコントロールII


1989 – ナイキエアフロー
革新的なエアーフローは、足へのストレスを解消するためにネオプレン上部シェルを使用して、長距離マラソンシューズとして設計されました。すなわちエア革製メッシュサンダル、ほぼ二十年後にさえナイキフリー – 「靴下」のデザインは、ナイキの最も画期的なデザインのいくつかのための進化の出発点としての役割を果たしました。 2011再発行はこれまでナイキによって完成最も有名なレトロのリリースの一つであると多くの人に考えられています。マルコ・刑事コロンボを介して画像


1990 – リーボックポンプBringback
リーボックは、リーボックポンプBringbackの最初のデビュー、「ポンプ」技術の導入でゲームを変更しました。他のいくつかのブランドが独自のポンプメカニズムと追随し、それらのすべては、リーボックは、ポンプの再設計されたバージョンを推進し続けながら、背後のギミックを残しました。 Bringbackはヨルダンとドミニク・ウィルキンス「NBAダンクコンテストの対立を反映エアジョーダンのスニーカーの主要な相手でした。 Mouradを介して画像


1991 – ナイキエア180
エア180は、ソールを介して空気が見えるように180度の暴露に’87から、元のエアマックスユニットを拡大し、エアマックスの進化の最初の本当のステップでした。空軍180 LowとHighが同様に新しいエア技術を特色として航空180技術は、ランニングシューズに限定されませんでした。空気180はまた、ネオプレン舌を活用最初のナイキエアマックス遺産の靴でした。 ICEBERGを介して画像

1992 – ナイキエアボーターフ
ボーの名を冠したナイキエアトレーナーはすべての時間の最大の靴のいくつかのように尊敬されています。しかし、彼らはボーに同じくらいの時間を費やしジムの床、ハード面ではなく、フィールドの芝生のために切り出しました。エアボーターフは、以前のエアトレーナーのデザインから上デザイン合図で厳しいアウトソールを使用して、単にフィールドの芝生のために作られた靴でした。 Ghettocentricityを介して画像




On the precipice of a weekend defined in part by its line-ups (or lack thereof), we can’t help but think of another, considerably more comfortable way for like-minded sneakerheads to gather before copping some serious heat. Following up on the success of May’s Chicago premiere engagement, Sneaker Con NYC returns for the first 2012 rendition of the original gathering that started it all. Growing crowds mean a departure from the Sullivan Street venue to one of the newer buildings on Baruch College’s New York campus. The June 30th event will feature 10,000 square feet of the best sneakers in the world, nearly a hundred vendors and thousands of sneakerheads, and tickets for the Saturday, June 30th Sneaker Con are available in advance from EventBrite. Let us know if you can make it, ‘Like’ Sneaker Con on Facebook and stick with Sneaker News for updates in the coming weeks.


The Foot Locker House of Hoops continues its push to be a nationwide presence by opening up yet another location in the Midwest. This Saturday, June 9th, Foot Locker invites you to celebrate the opening of House of Hoops inside the Mayfair Mall, hosted by D-Rock with music by DJ O. Will sneakerhead and the newest Milwaukee Buck Monta Ellis become a regular? Continue reading for additional event information and let us know if you plan of going out for the event



Yeezy taught us that getting his kicks was much easier said that done, but Sneaker News did its best to keep you on top of all the release info to maximize your chances of copping the second Kanye x Nike shoe. In Air Jordan news, we got a first clear look at the Air Jordan IX ‘Olive’ and the Air Jordan VI ‘Golden Moments’, while release information for the ‘Gym Green’ Foamposite pleased the Foam-crazed circles. Two new Kobe take-down models called the VII.5 and Venomenon III will drop soon, while a look at a number of upcoming Lunar Hyperdunk+ colorways topped the Nike Basketball headlines. NBA Feet focused on the two Conference Finals match-ups, as the OKC Thunder advanced to the Finals while the Heat/Celtics were pushed to a decisive Game 7. Reebok continues to make headlines with the Marvel x Reebok Pack, with some of our favorite heroes like Wolverine and Captain America taking form on some popular Reebok models.

Vans and Supreme will collaborate for a new set of Authentics trimmed with Corduroy, while a detailed look at the ‘Steel Blue’ by Ronnie Fieg brought some more heat to the smoldering New Balance corner. The release info for the second set of Packer Shoes x Saucony Grid 9000s dropped this week, while a special colorway of the upcoming adiZero Rose 3.0 paying homage to another legendary Chicago sports team was previewed. The HOT 97 Summer Jam is one of the definitive dates that marks the beginning of the Summer season, and it was that massive concert where we saw some awesome sneaker heat on some big-time hip-hop artists. A nice collection of Air Jordan custom jobs like the ‘Floral’ Air Jordan V and the light-up Air Jordan IIIs garnered a ton of attention, as did an autographed PE of the Air Jordan VIII made for Kobe Bryant. Finally, Sneaker News focused on five legendary Air Force 1’s for this week’s Classics Revisited where we relived some of the earlier icons that helped pave the road for today’s sneaker culture. All of Sneaker News Weekly Rewind lies just ahead, so read through to be on top of all your sneaker-related headlines!

Kanye gift Obama adidas Yeezy shoes

Nike while maintaining close ties with the White House, adidas outdone, you have MTM presidential suits and Kobe 10 Elite President color, I have Kanye West and adidas Yeezy!

3-151011095618 09524061c-0_resized

In order not to fall behind in the White House marketing, Kanye West with Kim Kardashian served as President Obama Sneaker gift, adidas adidas Yeezy 750 Boost and one pair of black models of Yeezy 350 Boost. Kardashian also own IG Special delivery drying out of the picture, the two pairs of shoe boxes are labeled Obama’s notes.

adidas Yeezy Boot details


Kanye new work adidas Yeezy has two stage, there will be two upcoming debut, they are high to help adidas Yeezy 950 and ultrahigh help adidas Yeezy Boot. In Kanye’s Showroom, we can not only see New Products Yeezy Season 2 in the second quarter, adidas Yeezy Boot also the scene appearance.

Keeping with this season’s new style is consistent, adidas Yeezy Boot also full tooling style presentation, is not supported by the upper messy complicated laces to highlight uninhibited style, the material selection and workmanship to maintain a fine level, visual experience first class.


0UKA3B-3_resized 0UKA404-0_resized 0UKB3I-1_resized

Kanye said, if you do not like adidas Yeezy you’re Racial Discrimination

Kanye West recently made another astonishing speech, accepting ShowStudio interview process, he said: “If you do not like his adidas Yeezy shoes, then you are racial discrimination, you are racist.”

Kanye for his work with amazing confidence, “People are willing to queue up to buy our shoes, because we put the love (Love) in the works.”

“Can you find on the internet than my shoes more popular product? Can not find what you get out (Go fuck yourself), do not ask such a silly question. Have a love (With the love).”

For we know Kanye is concerned, is not unexpected remarks, his own self-confidence of this, to a certain extent, but also from adidas Yeezy shoes good sales data and market feedback. Kanye collaboration with adidas, perfect to fill the void after the end of the Air Yeezy, but how long can this brilliant? Kanye amazing confidence for how long? In addition to lip, I am afraid there is homework to do.

3-15100G04454-50 3-15100G04454-51 3-15100G04455



Of all the sick Player Exclusives we’ve seen of the LeBron 9, it’s a safe bet to say that these right here are the ones LeBron cherishes the most. LeBron James got engaged to long-time girlfriend Savannah Brinson during his New Year’s x Birthday bash, and apparently a ‘PE’ was created not long after – a Black/Pink ‘Yeezy’-esque make-up with metallic embroidery on the inner face of the tongue that reads New Years Day – or the date of LeBron and Savannah’s engagement. Is this the best LeBron 9 PE we’ve seen yet? Check out the full shot of Savannah’s Player Exclusive (and a quick reminder of LeBron’s NYE outfit) below and stick with Sneaker News for more updates on the LeBron 9 saga.

Part III of the Nike LeBron 9 Elite saga continues tomorrow morning as the ‘Varsity Maize’ joints (also dubbed the ‘Bumblebee’ and the ‘Taxi’) will select Nike Basketball retailers tomorrow. LeBron’s yet to wear ’em out to a game and given the NBA’s strict policy on uniforms, it’s like that LeBron won’t break these out anytime soon. These have, however, been gaining some buzz as they’ve been spotted on the feet of some celebrities (the most memorable sighting being on a recent taping of BET, when host Terrence J wore the Maize 9s next to Kanye’s Yeezy 2). Regarding the release: these will NOT release on Nikestore online, so check with your local Nike Basketball retailer or cop ’em now from yellownsxt on eBay.

The sneaker world caught on fire when reports leaked out of a considerable hike in prices for upcoming Air Jordan Retros, but Sneaker News brought you an update straight from JB that cleared the air on the matter. Pieces of the LeBron X were revealed this week, with full-length visible Zoom and visible Flywire being the highlight details for LeBron’s first double-digit sig shoe. The ‘What The Kobe’ opened our eyes, as it features a mash of all the wild Kobe VII releases like the Leopard and Dart Frog, while headlines made by the ‘Memphis Blues’ Zoom Rookie hinted at a possible release. The latest of the AF1-XXX Collection revealed itself to be the High-Frequency Digital Camo edition, which features a techy upper graphic laced with reflective panels. Vans had some notable headlines this week, like the fresh ‘Watermelon’ Authentic and the sad news of a sneaker heist in which $10,000 worth of Vans were stolen.NBA Feet enjoyed a solid week, but the main headline was Blake Griffin’s Hyperdunk Elite, which proved to have a few issues after getting stepped on on-court. Allen Iverson’s name has begun to float around, but a cameo in Swizzy’s latest music video proved that Reebok may have more in store for ‘The Answer’, like the return of the Question in multiple colorways. Some great collaborations are on the way, like Sneaker Freaker’s 10th Anniversary celebration in the form of a Saucony Grid 9000 and two Asics projects with HAL and Woei. Tom Sachs took us up to space with NIKECraft, which features a small capsule of apparel and footwear ready for space travel. Of all the great samples and PEs we showed you, the Metallic Royal Air Jordan XVII was certainly the most eye-catching, as was the unreleased ‘Wizards’ colorway of the Air Jordan XII. Finally, Sneaker News kicked off a string of nightly tributes to the classics, beginning with the Air Foamposite One and some of the forgotten colorways. Check out all of the Sneaker News Weekly Rewind below and stay on top of all the latest sneaker news – that’s what you came for!