how much yeezy boots 350 market price ?Why they are so expensive?

The main question  is to ask Yeezy 350 Boost why is so expensive?
Kanye mastered new color adidas Yeezy 350 Boost “Tan” by the end of 2015 debut, this series is Kanye Kanye and adidas together works. Before Yeezy 750 Boost,  A lot of people wanted to  get a pair of yeezy, even spent a lot of money. “Yeezy” Why is so expensive?


Look at the appearance of the following figure is double adidas Yeezy 350 Boost “Tan”.
Kanye West Yeezy Boost is designed Adidas series. At the end of 2013 after the end of the cooperation and Nike, Kanye switch to its rival Adidas. Then the argument is because of copyright fees, but also “want a better distribution platform’.

Yeezy 750 White opened the first sale, sold out within one hour after the European and Canadian market, sold out within 15 minutes in the United States. And before the sale, all of the media class lifestyle, sports forum, sports shoes, etc. will be posted it for a period of warm-up, and thereafter writing such as “How can I buy a pair of shoes, Yeezy” and other tutorials. But this is actually not useful, this pair of shoes sell crazy, and the Air Yeezy Air Yeezy II sneakers and past Kanye and Nike cooperation, even though the official pricing but one or two hundred dollar, but really can buy prices have more than $800 – the so-called money is not good to buy, that is the shose.
From a design standpoint, this shoe is hot to compete understandable. Breathable knit material Primeknit good one design, equipped with Adidas patented high kinetic energy feedback SCIENCE outsole BOOST ™, using more comfortable sock design, simple monochrome texture upper atmosphere, rich in detail the entire pair of shoes, shoe size coarse band, the bottom of the cortical half-circle as ‘decorative’ heel with pull ring is made of canvas material made – and for a variety of style outfit, which has been a good friend Kanye, his wife and sister we who have repeatedly verified.

Here, I have to mention Kanye in the original “Yeezy” when the sale can be described as dedicated, Grammy, New York Fashion Week show in front of the flash over the audience, and then also personally shop adidas store signings, X is really king sigh fans is nice to earn money, to $ 120 a white T-shirt are willing to buy a shoe that looks really pretty good sneakers for Kanye nothing is more difficult.

Later yeezy boost 750 becomes adidas good weapon to win over the crowd, for the first NFL rookie who did not say a man on one pair, even MLB star Carlos Gomez also suspected to give up the opportunity to sign the shoes of Jordan!
However, the value of sports shoes this moment, and this, like all consumer goods. Unless it is a pair of shoes worn in Jordan XX and XX wearing these shoes won awards, so the value of this pair of shoes may be retained longer valid in the timeline.

26, the new official adidas Yeezy 350 Boost “Tan” registration announcement, a total of 393 people signed
Although a variety of adidas want to recruit, in fact, they want to prove generous than Nike, whether it is launched adidas Confirmed apps to direct booking, or around the point of sale worldwide. But the fact that the people is more than shoes.