I am sure that the above people is very strange for you, he called John Geiger. Some say he is the main reason people JBF (a custom sneakers studio), it was said that he was a rapper, and some say he is a football star Darrelle Revis’s agent, on the web there is not clearly explain what he do, but I prefer John Geiger called the “Great God of custom shoes”

Give share some things to see if you have an impression of him. The Air Jordan 1 “Rainbow” have the impression it? I am sure you have seen pictures of the 16 pairs of shoes, but you certainly do not know this suit is by John Geiger rainbow hands!


John Geiger is a very wear clothing people, and you can feel by yourself .
Of course, since it is the god of custom shoes,it’s certainly sure that he collect Sneakers on his home!


From his Instagram that i issued his favorite shoes are NIKE AIR FORCE 1 ↓
After reading the contents of the above, there must be ask, John Geiger just an ordinary Sneakerhead, what a good description of it? Do not worry, now officially entered, mentioned above, I prefer John Geiger called “sneakers Custom Great God,” his custom shoes how God? We continue to look down!

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Innovation would like to take risks, John Geiger started called “Misplaced Checks” custom planning, this pair to NIKE AIR FORCE 1 was modeled, all shoes have 16 Swoosh Logo, using a variety of different materials (patent leather, suede and horse hair, etc.)!

Of course, the price is not cheap, “Misplaced Checks” for world only sell 25 pairs of shoes, and the priced is at $ 500.

Kobe’s last game

November 30 last year, Bryant announced officially retired after the end of the season. This news came out, Bryant career related topics Halo heat quickly soared. Bryant announced his retirement just over two hours, the Lakers’s the last game of the regular season whose cheapest fares will rise from $ 125 to $ 400. To the beginning of the year, even if a position farthest from the stadium ticket prices have reached $ 550, while the site is more than $ 55,000. But even at that time the game broke away from there three months, nearly twenty thousand tickets have only less than one thousand. In the opinion of many fans, the money is not a problem.


This is Bryant’s fan appeal. On the record, the season is long position west Lakers vice squad called cute and honest belly forces, even into the league, they are only slightly better than the Philadelphia 76ers. If there is no Kobe Bryant, perhaps many fans have forgotten this team.

Faced with the imminent, Bryant did not make himself like the outside world is so intense reaction.An interview on last week, Bryant says, “I will not allow it any different.” Comes to mind the best outcome, Bryant said, “The best outcome is play basketball and doing all fight and Utah in front of the fans. while the other has to go all out.” “For me, it is a competition . the highest form of that war was the best farewell I could have – competitive and full of physical confrontation that looks like a basketball As the final outcome, I do not know, I really do not how to think. Well, I just like to enjoy the game. ”


Indeed, the Lakers have played 20 full seasons, but also to take over almost all the honors of the holding, on 38-year-old,Bryant choose to farewell to his career, there is no regards for him.

For Bryant, April 13 (US time) that night, and the usual race day no difference, but for the NBA this business alliance is concerned, this is a super big selling point.
When it comes to combining Nike and Kobe Bryant wholly unknown to some coincidental meaning. Bryant chose with Adidas when he first entered the league.

Signed, but by 2002, because of dissatisfaction with the contract amount is too small and in which the number of players in the endorsement status, their own money to buy a contract at Kobe with the German brand. Due to limited commercial circumvention provisions of the subsequent year, Bryant did not even specify the brand of shoes. In early 2003, Reebok and Bryant had been reached cooperation intentions, but ultimately did not take place. As a result, it is possible to cooperate and Kobe Bryant Nike brand is also the only. Ever since, Nike spent price of $ 4,500 to signed Bryant for five years.
It was also during that year, James entered the league, Nike immediately sent a large single seven-year $ 90 million. Clearly, Bryant’s contract in front of James,it’s not worth to mention. Plus 2004, Bryant sexual assault case that dragged down the value of personal image fell to freezing point, Nike also had to be frozen. Until 2006, Nike was the first to build Bryant signature shoe Zoom Kobe 1. With the 2009 and 2010, the Lakers won the championship for two consecutive years, the commercial value of Bryant’s comeback again, Nike also used 42 million three-year contract and its renewal.

Finally, Bryant’s career final battle is coming, which for good storyteller is definitely Nike marketing experts say it is a golden opportunity. Nike would like to use the last corner of Bryant in the game yourself a shiny again.
Of course, Nike’s ability to play much more than feelings, play concept. From 22 last month, Nike also launched by the 13 pairs of sneakers to commemorate Black Mamba Pack consisting of series set. The inspiration comes from the series of 13 cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, the country, 13 cities in the form of GPS coordinates presented in the top of each shoe shoebox. In addition to the entire suite of 11 models of Nike Kobe Bryant signature shoe, further comprising 2K4 as well as the Beijing Olympic Games specially built HD08.
2K4 Kobe Bryant as the first pair of Nike shoes, full white color first appearance, the entire series shoes slowly fades from white to black, and in Bryant’s last game, he will be wearing a new black gold color Kobe 11 debut, completed his NBA curtain call battle. It is also this Nike Kobe 11 Kobe Bryant signature shoe to create the ultimate marketing battleground, in such an atmosphere rendered under this shoe how much to sell it?
13 pairs of sneakers with Nike and Kobe Bryant walked about 13 years, with products storytelling, who can do better than Nike?

Nike will release Anti-Clog soccer suit

April 15th, Nike will be sold the new Anti-Clog which outsole is non-stick football shoes through Nike Football App. currently the sets official figure has been exposed.

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Nike Tiempo Legend VI, Magista Obra and Hypervenom Phantom II soccer shoes will appear in the Anti-Clog Set among which Nike Mercurial Superfly football shoes will be launched after the fifth generation of products released to market.

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As shown in suits name, the launch of three new Nike shoes will match the Anti-Clog Traction sole non-stick mud technology. The new outsole with adaptive polymer material production, in water or moist environment soles will become more smooth and effective to prevent soil on real grass pitch sticky solved because the soles of rough grassland and the players produce slime Impact.


Because the design specifically for real grass, Anti-Clog suit will only match SG outsole, twelve spikes included traditional six SG spike the remaining eight spikes appear in different shapes and lengths.

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From a design point of view, the Anti-Clog shoes soccer kit uses a low-key but rather highlights design. All three are from the low-profile shoe uppers color black will appear; quite bright Swoosh design from the front and side zigzag pattern on the upper using Bright reflective effect, and then with fluorescent green details, let this Anti -Clog suit looks very different.

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New Balance announced that will sale 3D printing sneakers on April 15th

Today, New Balance announced that the company will start selling the running shoes which put into 3D printing materials.


As early as November last year, New Balance disclosed the plan– integration of 3D printing technology. This product, called Zante Generate which is an upgraded version of Fresh Foam Zante. and its midsole will be fully produced with 3D printing technology. According to New Balance, the company on Friday will only store in Boston and online stores, limited sales of 44 pairs of Zenta Generate, priced at $ 400.

However, special attention is that Intel declared sports shoes will provide customization services on CES, but the sale will be the first day of the 44 pairs are pre-designed


The company will use 3D Systems company’s specially DuraForm TPU Elastomer materials and selective laser sintering (SLS) technology to produce midsole. The company also has signed an exclusive agreement with 3D Systems.

News Balance has been used 3D printing technology to produce soles rivets in 2013, in order to enhance the performance of athletes.


Although Intel’s cooperation with NB look a little weird, but it is undeniable that technology companies have realized that sports shoes in the field of development of the market value of their property.

The Newest Style Of Adidas NMD

About NMD You may have learned a lot, this pair NO MAD, formerly known as NOMAD, nomads, designer Nic Galway, you may have some strange for him. But his title is not small, he was vice president of global product design adidas Originals, Y-3 Qasa warrior shoes, Tubular series, also Yeezy he has participated in the design.


So, what’s the story of this shoes which called blend of “classic design” and “future technology”?
“Classic” is concerned not have to explain, design inspired by three pairs of running shoes clover classic Micro Pacer, Rising Star, Boston Super.

Nic Galway said that NMD design inspiration from the 80s at the time period changes,since that some people has already been started  using a PC, even when embryo transfer technology is born. That era people are simply trying to explore future concepts, and Micro Pacer is in this era born out.


“Future” of course emphasis on science and technology, Adidas Originals will be headed in the bottom of Science and Technology Boost technology, EVA compression and rebound shock-absorbing particles to increase performance, Primeknit uppers and “Iconic Color Blocking” (two bright stabilizer) as NMD Runner technical support, technology and fashion the perfect combination to make NMD knowable in worldwide, the number of people can’t wait.

today,we are talking about kinds of shoes of NMD


Adidas NMD Chukka“Summer Mesh Pack”

Adidas Original launch the NMD Chukka “Summer Mesh Pack” and brought a black and white two pairs of shoes in china on April, using a solid color Mesh upper with a white midsole Boost, which the blue-black models decorated with red blocks, bringing with NMD same primary color for the wonderful experience.

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This group of “Summer Mesh Pack” series started with the version of NMD medium, continuation of the NMD avant-garde yet neat design style, the use of shoes breathable mesh material composition shoes, dress for spring and summer quarters. Color, the first color reappeared in the medium version, the low version has swept the entire planet to become outfit fashion boutique, beam pants, jeans, wide leg pants mention.

uppers with breathing Mesh uppers, longer Mesh uppers more streamlined, extending to the ankle to make shoes more atmosphere, but also enhance the package, coupled with NMD itself is very good air permeability, to use a word to describe, is Perfect! ! So, in terms of one-on shoes, NMD Chukka “Summer Mesh Pack” whether it is work, or the appearance of science and technology, fashion, are excellent.


The other, a white version was more concise, white Mesh upper, Boost in the end, the bottom of the full three-dimensional particles, decorated with gray fast, free and easy reveal the whole shoes temperament.
Interestingly, Adidas Mid Chukka heel tag composed by the English, Japanese, French, respectively named “THE BRAND WITH 3 STRIPES”, “3 3 ストライプ の ブランド”, “LA MAROUE AUX 3 BANDES”, both meaning “with three bars of the brand. ” Highlights the brand influence Adidas Mid Chukka’s special identity and influence of Adidas.



Adidas NMD Primeknit Runner “Camo Pack”

NMD Primeknit Runner “Camo Pack”, will have a total of 4 different colors appearance, respectively, olive, white, orange and blue rendering, supplemented by shades of mottled pattern. And because the use of the upper Primeknit, the price raised to $ 170. Further, in addition to the super comfortable soft white midsole Boost, woven texture is also a matter of great surprise, digital camouflage on the upper lines, thick texture, very fine details at the preparation, careful weaving to make NMD Primeknit Runner “Camo Pack “rich 3D fantasy-like effect, very imaginative space. Meanwhile, stable color decorative sheet so that the original magic woven upper atmosphere down seems simple, elegant shoes and a whole gives magical visual experience.


The color, is this known as save visual fatigue “Camo Pack” amazing to you?


Black and white camouflage color gives a clean look and feel, and a black and white collar black and white camouflage upper phases are easily reminiscent of zebra color, while white Boost, the outsole, gray stable sheet, with white laces Another example is followed by a creamy white label to show people so extraordinary temperament, different.


And the design ideas is the same as the front two pairs of “Camo Pack”, including this gray and red and white shoes Primeknit material production, and constitute upper eye-catching digital camouflage patterns, young beautiful and very lively, how are you like it!


Finally, a group of camouflage color, from blue, black and white color composed of a large area of ​​blue knit uppers full sense of science fiction, the black stable block, followed by black lace.
Adidas NMD Runner brand-new four-color

In addition to two pairs of new shoes Mid Chukka  and “Camo Pack”, on April 9th, adidas Originals NMD bring four new colors with low version, sold in global, which also includes the highly popular white and black and white color, are made of breathable mesh production. Two pairs of girls Exclusive color is also unique, bring exquisite style.


So one pair of white NMD, plus breathable mesh design, in the summer, if you are good care, which absolute can become focus in the crowd.



pairs of new shoes in NMD debut are amazing to you in April? Maybe you had not thought to buy, or you want to buy but because of the limitation, maybe, this month or will soon, a pair of unique style Adidas NMD that will be placed in front of you, for you wear out your taste and style.

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True and false comparison big devil, 350 and other popular shoes

AJ6 “Maroon” recent sale, AJ11 “big devil” 72-10 “,” have emerged do not rush to the store can buy the case, I believe many of my friends to start it! And Yeezy 350,750 new color continue to be berserk. Instagram true and false identification of a foreign god recent large compared to several popular shoes that were true and false comparison, afraid to buy fake shoes, children’s shoes were quickly look down!

Air Jordan 6 “Maroon”







Air Jordan 11 Retro “72-10”






Public School x Air Jordan 12






Buy Yeezy Boost 350 “Moonrock”, be careful fake yeezy boost 350







Real to the enemy, they still advise everyone to buy shoes must not freeloaders or convenient, preferably through the store, well-known shoe store, a reputable shop to buy!

Black adidas NMD City Sock “Black” will be available for sale in autumn


Adidas NMD City Sock shoes using the Chukka body that presented a street fashion to deep breath, the brilliant color also especially of many NMD.

In addition to black and white intertwined starting color to black knit shoes presented adidas NMD Primeknit City Sock “Core Black” is officially on sale in autumn 2016. All black shoes still have a clear woven texture, white midsole in black color decoration of TPU Boost, the overall simplicity of both black and white color, bring a different temperament tide.

2 3

1. History OF MND
The history of this thing, a lot of people feel very empty, but for company, it is a wealth of history, is the capital. Many people like Adidas Stan Smith, Superstar, like the Nike Air Max, like Jordan engraved, like the Converse All Star. But to know that these shoes has very deep and long background story, coupled with excellent design and market speculation, it can be transformed from a former sports goods for the current wave of products.

The launch of the NMD Adidas was evidenced the value of “brand history”. MIcropacer / Rising Star / Boston Super all are Adidas’s good shoes, and each pair has its own distinct characteristics. Adidas The essence of these three pairs of shoes on the set up, to create the basic shape of these shoes.

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And this is not just a rehash of Adidas platter. German companies not hesitate to join the whole palm Boost and Primeknit vamp, the same treatment as Yeezy – the products were to be used Adidas top technology.

Therefore, the wealth of history + art technology, such this thing, a few company can do it.


Do not know where to buy this expensive sneakers SHOSE, even lottery


I put “valuable commodity” words on here, almost can describe why Yeezy is the most expensive of seakers.


Kanye ended cooperation with Nike at the end of 2013 who switch to nike’s rival Adidas. Then the argument is because of copyright fees, but also “want a better distribution platform.” (the end is because of money).

Adidas collaboration series was first released, on social networks and the media, two pairs of shoes were passionated,one pair is YEEZY Boost 350, the other pair is 750. the latter starting at only 9000 pairs in worldwide, even though the mainland area dozen pairs. Prices sometimes touted to several million.

According to the trend of the portal Highsnobiety released 2015 annual list of the most valuable shoes, a total of 20 pairs of speculation last year’s most expensive ball Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 “Triple Black” color.


One pair of new average price is $1876 on eBay. The in top 10, six pairs are Yeezy series.

the first pair in white color be opened sale, sold out within one hour in the European and Canadian market, sold in the United States 15 minutes. And before the sale, all of the media class lifestyle, sports forum, sports shoes, etc. will be posted it for a period of warm-up, and thereafter writing such as “How can I buy a pair of yeezy shoes” course.

But this is actually not useful, every one crazy about this pair of shoes, and the price is the same as Air Yeezy and Air Yeezy II, even though the official pricing hundres dollars , but the price is really more than exsit, I really can’t valuable, because these shoes really to can not be bought even you have a lot of money.

Hunger marketing ways make fans of Sneakers suffere enough, now open “lottery” and also with the ID number.

now in the secondary market,the price range of Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 is $1000-$1200. For common people, it’s hard to do anything to buy one pair yeezy boost.


In the just-concluded conference Yeezy Season 3, Yeezy Boost 350 brings innovation, as well as changes in fluorescence details of decoration texture make shoes have a new perception.

yeezy boost 350 adopt the lifting of the heel pull ring, yeezy boost 350 with big Swoosh Logo and new color is very fashionable.

5 6

the biggest differece between of Adidas Yeezy Boost and Nike Air Yeezy is Air Yeezy previous designs are biased in favor of high-tech avant-garde feeling, and this time return to the Adidas Yeezy Boost fashion, shoes once again to create fashion items.
From the exterior designs, Kanye West still retains Velcro design. With zipper details of the inside of the shoe so that the overall design style showing a stronger sense of fashion.

The entire adidas Yeezy Boost presented in a minimalist style, no superscript brand logo on the upper, on the upper side of the front end portion and ride with Velcro on the bottom mark of Adidas Originals Trefoil. In addition, the upper Velcro bottom also ride with the classic adidas three design, so low-key brand elements presented to the entire pair of shoes.


the most prominent part is the design of Adidas Yeezy Boost’s sole. from the side, white midsole of the shoes can see the straight details, adding more strong fashion atmosphere. In addition, the sole part total consists of three parts, the front position is consisted by dots, separated in part by the criss-cross Lingge is believed to strengthen the effect of shock absorption and anti-slip shoes. Finally heel position places sliver as a spindle, with a suspected air design, the whole shoes belong to both stylish and functional.


Compared to the previous series, this time, Kanye West also favor use the special, fashion and more common material–leather, with nylon material made uppers, the overall sense is more intense. In addition, the side of the shoes did not use waterproof zipper.


Beckham’s son Brooklyn Beckham Extremelove shoes, but after all, the father is one of the spokesmen  of adidas, it is easiest to get Yeezy series shoes.


Do you think this pair of Yeezy only as fashion shoes, Nick Young become the first person to wear Yeezy Boost 750 to playing the game
Of course,it’s not everyone has so much money. before you can not buy this pair, you may choose to try to buy a pair of replica to wear, the price is more cheaper, but in good quality. They will not let you down.

The introduce of YEEZY BOOST 350

After Kanye West joined adidas, clover shoes become more popular these days, I still remember the first wave of the head in the first year NBA Star Game week launched YEEZY 350 BOOST. amazing! now they become the most sought sneakers in adidas Originals, completely overshadowed others popular shoes, and also became the highest price shoes on the market. Come to summer 2015, the series of the name of “350” version has finally unveiled after long-awaited!


Full details of YEEZY 350 BOOST


Shoes Fabric:
First pair of YEEZY 350 BOOST uppers dominated earthy colors, the full one-piece design with beige woven material Primeknit, to fully enhance the comfortable of the foot.


Lace portion and YEEZY 350 BOOST as the same with black and white interwoven rough shoelaces, lines with the style of YEEZY 350 BOOST quite suitable.


In the end:
The bottom part, and the previous generation 750 retains Yeezy shoes which unique sole shape Boost.


heel added rope design, use canvas material constituting, and the intermediate portion coupled with the red line for decoration.


the sole of YEEZY 350 BOOST is the same as the previous Tall soles generation version,both retains the outer rear Boost white material exposed portions, and this difference is the sole straight to detail surrounded. by deletion of the previous generation’s dots and lines Lingge, more uniform appearance.

7 8

on the inside of his right foot cage printed “Adidas” words .
on the inside of his left foot cage printed “Yeezy” words

9 10