Classic Kanye’s shoes YEEZY BOOST / Do you follow?

Kanye, kanye is a person, Many people wrote a lot of articles about Kanye in the past year,not because Kanye’s clothes is especially handsome, or especially good-looking, but i am very interested in foreign and domestic big fan of his worship. As early as 2005, domestic influx of people in the eyes of only a trend Icon, that person is Edison, and his upper body of a single product quickly became the target of the influx of people to follow suit, it can be said Edison is a God in all eyes , he can interpret star effect. Edison has been kept following, i realized that kanye is also a fashion man, when Kanye concert in Hong Kong, with the introduction of Edison CLOT United multiply Bear TEE, and bape launched Winnie bapesta, has become a single product launch the influx of people sought after goods price speculation, this time i had come to realize there is people beyond reason. Speaking of Kanye, his clothing Style You may not interested to learn, but Kanye wear shoes you are interested in, right? But he is the industry pioneer of Sneaker , the shoes more than numerous became famouse after he wore, there are thousands of people to follow his shoes style as he wore, and now i just have a few examples of pairs of shoes are sure to hit with you!


2003 air max 90

In early 00, everyone knows to wear Air max 90 is a very handsome choice, Kanye is undoubtedly one of the Air max 90 onto a height push hands! Until 2013, Kanye west also love the Air max 90, which in the last year to double HYPERFUSE unlimited influx of people to follow suit, as the most “fashion” air max 90.



2004 Bapesta

I remember when Kanye is very much like BAPE, he befriended with NIGO , also Cameo role in the song of NIGO hip-hop band, so, not surprisingly, with bape launched Cubs Bapesta. The influx of people who was not a pair of BAPE STA, you say, right!



In 2006 Air max 1

2006 Edison let us recognize that air max 1 “kiss of death” and in the same year, 2006 Kanye also started wearing Air max 1, two king tide consistent vision, Air max 1 is really famouse, then Kanye and Edison Release the pink air max 1 more only four pairs of price speculation reached $3000.

In 2008 Nike Air Yeezy “Prototype”

Finally turn the YEEZY, which is Kanye best invention of the century, Have you ever seen the price of a few pairs reach to ten thousands? And Kanye is the man to create the myth. So, for the normal people, we just can buy REPLICA YEEZY BOOST 350. the replica YEEZY BOOST is the same quality,but more cheaper. the difference of between them is the price tag.




Next Yeezy Boost Release, you may have to wait until this summer 2016

Everyone may heared news about the Yeezy Boost 750 “Chocolate” color or will meet with us on the 18th of this month. This notice quickly spread among the people, Some foreign friends are impatient, already waiting at the outside of the sport shoes store. can not waiting to buy the new yeezy boost 750 color.But we are so sorry to tell everybody the news is false.  Highsnobiety said this month won’t release Yeezy Boost 750 “Chocolate”, but I am afraid that has to wait until the summer.


YEEZY Season 3 sample show

After massive YEEZY Season 3 conference, the whole series is also the preparation. Herbert Hoffmann Creative Director of VOO Store recently visit YEEZY Season 3 sample. Watch the scene behind the scenes of the creative process, and bring YEEZY Season 3 series single product details for everyone, in addition to YEEZY representative skin-tone color design costumes in addition, of course, including the latest color of Yeezy Boost 750 and 950.


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